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Hemp tea is a type of herbal tea that is made from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. It is known for its calming effects on the mind and body, and is naturally caffeine-free. It can improve sleep quality, alleviate anxiety, and promote feelings of calm.
We grow all of the hemp used in our tea naturally and free of chemicals and pesticides on our family farm.

Enjoy the tea plain, or with lemon or sweetener. It is also great as an iced tea on a hot summer day.
Hemp tea is legal to use; it only has trace amounts of THC — 0.3% or less.


How To Make

  • Place Hemp Tea in your tea strainer
  • Bring fresh water to just under a boil
  • Pour over strainer and steep for 3 minutes
  • Remove tea strainer
  • Enjoy plain, or with lemon or sweetener


Iced Hemp Tea

- steep longer, cool, and pour over ice


Recommended Serving: 1 Teaspoon per 6oz. of water


Ingredients: 100% Ground Hemp Leaves

Hemp Tea - Loose Leaf - all-natural free from chemicals and pesticides

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